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Cricket Flour
high in protein, calcium and iron
get some bugs in your bread 

Cricket Food

 we only use
100% Australian crickets 

Cricket Bakery Range

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We are The Cricket Bakery

Our aim is to change the perception of eating insects as food.
We have created a range of nutritionally balanced, cricket flour-based, baking blends that contain nothing but real food.
100 % wholefoods, no GMO’s, grain, gluten and refined sugar-free.

We’ve simply made eating insects taste brilliant.

Cricket Flour Products

All our ingredients, including our Cricket Flour is 100% real wholefood. All you have to do is add the wet ingredients, pop them in the oven, bake and enjoy.

Where do our crickets come from?

The Cricket Bakery was started in beautiful Manly, situated on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
We are passionate about supporting local cricket farmers and producers. We only use 100% Australian crickets. Simply, we know our supplier and think they taste best. Farmed in Australia, they are fed on waste organic produce and need very little extra water. Making our crickets a true environmentally beneficial and sustainable source of protein.

Cricket Protein Powder - A super-food in so many ways.

If a family of four swapped just one meal a week from beef to insect protein, they would save approximately 650,000 litres of fresh water a year.

So, why eat crickets?

Our world is changing, our population is growing.We need to find alternative ways to feed ourselves that are environmentally sustainable, humane and healthy. We passionately believe eating insects can be part of the solution. Insects are highly nutritious, require very few resources to farm, and create minimal waste and greenhouse emissions.

Crickets as food are sustainable, versatile and nutritious. Ground Cricket Powder is tasty and high in protein.

Crickets Protein vs Beef Protein

Crickets require significantly less water, less land, less feed and produce less CO2 than any other conventional source of protein.

Cricket Protein Powder is high in calcium, iron and a great
source of vitamin B12. Crickets contain all 9 amino acids, making them a complete protein.
Cricket Flour - A real super-food.

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