We started The Cricket Bakery in 2015 after initially experimenting with cricket flour in our kitchen. The family enjoyed the experience of creating tasty wholesome meals with this 'new' source of protein.

We began talking to people in our immediate community about insects as food and the environmental and health benefits. After doing small sampling sessions at local markets and health food shops, we literally got the bug and became very passionate about spreading the word.

We knew our planet couldn't continue to support the current population growth. As large agricultural farming is depleting the soil and harming the planet, we wanted to open people's eyes to alternative ways of eating.

The resistance that initially met us was a little surprising. Eating bugs was an alien concept to most people. We were seen as ‘novel’ and a ‘little bit crazy’. We knew we had to make it as easy as possible for people to get their head around the idea of consuming bugs.

As a society, we are so divorced from nature. We live in sterile homes, where we ‘bomb’ any living creature that dares set foot in our house. We anti-bac wipe and fear dirt. We had some big perceptions to change.

The baking blends were created during months of experimentation. We developed wholefood recipes that are familiar to the Australian palette, tasty and easy to prepare. Recipes that fit into everyday life and can be personalised to satisfy every family's taste and eating style.

Being passionate about our ingredients and wanting to support the local economy, we source our crickets from an Australian cricket farmer. We use organic, where the availability and market price allows. Our products are never genetically modified and will always remain gluten and dairy free. We respect everyone's choice, but believe in a plant-rich diet, supported by small amounts of good quality protein and lots of healthy fats.

The world is slowly changing. These last few years we have seen a huge shift in awareness. People now want to understand where their food has come from, how it is grown and what effect it has had on the planet. People are searching for different ways to consume food that are less intensive, less harmful, more sustainable and even beneficial to the planet and its ecosystem.

The bug movement has gained momentum. There are wonderful humans and businesses doing great things that are changing opinions all around the world.

We believe in future-focused, environmentally beneficial, nutrient-dense food solutions and passionately believe bugs are part of this movement. We are here to change theperception of bugs as food.