We created our baking blends with the aim of changing people's perception of insects as food.

Humans are amazing at coming up with ideas to feed the world, but food isn’t just about filling a stomach. It's about enriching your body in the most healthy, nutrient-dense way.

Over 2 billion people across the world eat insects regularly as part of their diet. We want people who don’t eat insects to think about adding them to their diet as an alternative source of protein.

Why eat crickets?

The world is crowded and wasteful with its resources. Insects need considerably less feed, space and water than traditional livestock. They give off less emissions and can even help towards eliminating our huge food waste problem.

Our Australian crickets are fed predominantly on a diet of waste organic material that would have otherwise gone to landfill. This means they are significantly more economically and environmentally beneficial than other sources of protein.

Crickets are a nutrient-dense food. They are very high in protein compared to traditional meat-based protein. Classed as a ‘complete’ protein, crickets contain all 9 essential amino acids needed to build and repair the body. Those little crickets are also high in calcium, packed with iron and precious vitamin B12.

What is cricket flour?

Cricket flour is a very simple wholefood product, created like any other flour. The crickets are harvested at around 6-8 weeks, then milled down to create a light, flour-like powder. This is our cricket protein powder. Cricket flour is super versatile, adds an amazing flavour profile to sweet and savoury goods and contains all the super cricket goodness. This flour is the foundation of our beautiful baking blends.


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